Your health as it should be: the “n” equals one

Have you ever felt there was something missing in primary medical care?  Medical school training is all about learning to assessing pathology, and then treating it with drugs or surgery.  It is, in effect, training for disease management, and not really about health care at all. Yet how many of us wouldn’t like to be taught the secrets of living robustly, thriving in ways that would optimize and fulfill our individual potential?  You would think a doctor would or should be the best resource for such a pursuit, yet, doctor’s training is, paradoxically, not about health.

Despite this, many physicians cultivate their own health based on what they know and have witnessed or experienced.  Many recognize that the most powerful interventions in medicine are undertaken by patients who have the faith and the courage to change their minds and become proactive with their lifestyles. Most would agree that someone who quits smoking, quits using street drugs, starts exercising, or improves their diet would very likely make a very significant to both the quality and length of their life.  After more than a century of medical paternalism, the patient-centred approach is changing how the doctor-patient relationship is being played out: patients want more than they are getting from their doctors.  They want to stay drug-free as long as possible, and they want strategies to avoid the medical plagues of our time.

So, for those that want a light shined on this path, the information is out there.

Too bad that medical training is so locked in to its traditional paradigm.  Otherwise, textbooks or websites like this, would have been initiated a long time ago….a repository of links, ideas and tips to improve control over your health, to maximize functionality whatever your age, to be the best you can be, and for as long as possible. So read on, and explore, and please comment or ask questions–This is ultimately a site to embrace your needs, to maximize your health.  The “n” value is one: you.

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